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Snake Brand Prickly Heat Shower Gel Goes Viral, Giving Ex-NSFs Powder Bath PTSD


Snake Brand Prickly Heat Shower Gel Will Give You A Cooling Effect Too

Ask anyone who’s been through the Basic Military Training (BMT) field camp and they will likely recognise Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder.


Even though the powder saved us from smelling foul out in the forest, the mere sight of it may trigger symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for those who absolutely dreaded their BMT field camp experience. Or more specifically, the powder bath.

Here’s more, did you know that the prickly heat powder exists in shower gel form too?

On Tuesday (4 Jun) Singaporean actor Zhou Chongqing shared this discovery on Facebook.


The post has since gone viral, with over 600 shares at the time of writing.

“Minty fresh cool effect” in your nether regions

According to Mr Zhou, the shower gel boasts similar properties to its powder counterpart.

In particular, this shower gel also gives users the familiar “minty fresh cool effect” — especially in the nether regions.

Mr Zhou claims that he found the shower gel in Bangkok but is unsure if it is available in Singapore.

Singapore also can get Prickly Heat Shower Gel

A quick search on Google revealed that Snake Brand Prickly Heat Shower Gel can be bought on Singapore website Face And Body.

These bottles of shower gel retail at S$13.90 for two 500ml bottles.


They come in 3 scents:

  • Classic Fresh
  • Aroma Lavender
  • Whitening Pink

However, it appears that only the first two scents are available on Face And Body’s online shop.

These are also available in Thailand, presumably at a cheaper price. After all, Snake Brand products are manufactured in Thailand.

The perfect gift for mates who love all things army

While powder baths in the army may be a thing of the past, Prickly Heat Shower Gel will surely remind you of the wonderful times with your comrades when you were chucking powder down your pants in the middle of the night.

But if you know of a friend who loves all things army, this might just be the best gift for him/her.

Featured image from Face and Body and Facebook

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