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Sachet – Jula’s Herb Moringa Repair Gel


Net weight: 8ML / Sachet, 1 BOX = 6 Sachets.

Moringa Repair Gel helps nourish damaged skin to become beautiful skin. 

Moisturize and clear, rich in extracts, Rutin and Quercetin (Rutin and Quercetin). Which has antioxidant activity.

Helps increase white and clear acne scars fade effectively. The secret formula has been re-invented.

That enhances the efficacy of Moringa extracts and Arbutin, resulting in an effective reduction of hyperpigmentation.

White and clear skin as well and has properties to help reduce the occurrence of skin pigment (Melanin) that is the cause of dullness, freckles, dark spots on the face.

Make your face smooth. Along with adding moisture to the skin, water does not dry out as well.

It helps in making the essence infiltrates into the skin and gradually releases continuously.

Makes it fully increase the efficiency of work.



After cleansed apply Moringa Repair Gel on face twice daily (day and night).

Weight 0.03 kg

1 Piece, Bundle of 6

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