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Madame Heng Clear Spots SOLn


Net weight: 14ML
Madame Heng

Extremely active solution which progressively and efficaciously.
Arbutin is active substance originated from natural plant, Aminoethylphosphinic solution, Nano Vitamin C and E together in a synergistic blend.

It can infiltrate into the skin quickly and effectively control activity of Tyrosinase (Catalyzes the production of Melanin and other pigments) in the forming of Melanin.

It will reduce dark spots, blemishes and freckles.
Whiten and lighten skin, make skin feel more toned and more resilient.


After cleansing face, use a few drops of Clear Spots Solution on problem area, day and night.

Weight 0.18 kg

1 Piece, Bundle of 2

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