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ISME Shape Firming Hot Cream


Net weight: 120G

Anti-cellulite cream by ISME helps a significant reduction in the volume of problem areas.

Cream effectively and quickly breaks down body fat cells. Anti-cellulite cream improves blood circulation and lymph flow, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and accelerates the metabolic processes in the skin, models the silhouette, smoothes the bumpy surface of the skin.

New evolution with hot cream from herbals; Ginger, chili, Pepper, Seaweed, and Vitamin E to digest fat, sweat and influence to blood circulation which effect to cellulite decreasing, smoothen, a firm with collagen and Vitamin E.

To be elastic firming moisture and renew your skin to be perfect in 2 weeks.



Apply the cream to the cleansed skin. To rub massaged into problem areas until completely absorbed. Do not rub.

For better and faster results use the cream 2 times a day, morning and before bedtime.


Not meant for sensitive skin, pregnancy & menstruation.

Weight 0.2 kg

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