Scentio Pink Collagen Over Night Mask

Scentio Pink Collagen Over Night Mask

Net weight: 100ML

Shipping weight: 160G

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SGD 15.00

Product Description

Scentio Pink Collagen Over Night Mask

Radiant & Firm
Supports healthy collagen for a youthful appearance, delivers advanced skin brightening antioxidants.

Sleeping Mask with pudding touch helps to deeply moisten the skin for all night long.
With the combination of Collagen from Starfish that helps soften your skin.
Tomato that acts as an antioxidant and 4 types of Hyluronic Acid that helps to retain moisture providing firmness, more elastic and glowing appearance to the skin.

Apply the mask over the face and neck until the mask is absorbed into the skin.
This mask can be used daily use as the last step (no need to rinse).


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