Bikinii Boomz Bloom Cream

Bikinii Boomz Bloom Cream

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Bikinii Boomz Bloom Cream



Bloom by Bikinii Boomz is the product for breast firming.

It helps promote the breast to be full and smooth as well as firms up the sagging breast.

Women can be confident of the beautiful breast shape with the product rich in natural extracts.


Bloom by Bikinii Boomz is the ultimate breast cream that promotes charming for women with benefits of concentrated Pueraria Mirifica Extract from the best source and other well-combined ingredients as Collagen, Q10, Hyaluron, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B.

The cream provides soft texture and light sweet scent for feminine with no sticky feeling.



After a shower in the morning and evening, apply the cream onto breasts and massage for 3 to 5 minutes.


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