Angel Hair Set by Nisa

Angel Hair Set by Nisa

Net weight:
Shampoo 250ML
Treatment Cream 250ML
Serum 50ML

Quantity * :
SGD 27.00

Product Description

Angel Hair Set by Nisa

Can be used in all sexes and ages for beautiful long hair.
It can speed up hair to be longer for 3 times as well as reduces hair fall and dandruffs.

It helps repair damaged and dry hair, caused by hair drying, straightening, perming and blow drying.
It promotes healthy hair from inside out.

Accelerates hair length for 1-2 inches per month with the new innovation from Japan that can speed up hair growth and reduces hair fall.
It can truly help nourish hair roots.

Consists of vitamins and intensive extracts of Stringybark, Sage, Nettle, Essential Oil, Panthenol, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Green Tea Concentrate imported from Japan. It promotes essential nutrients for nourishment of hair roots, stimulates hair roots to be stronger, speed up hair lengthening, promotes the fast hair growth, promotes shiny hair and promotes healthy hair roots and scalp.

It also effectively treats hair fall, dandruff, itchiness and damaged hair.
Promotes smooth and silky hair by reducing frizzy hair and hair fall.
Speed up hair length by 3 to 5CM per month, depending on hair texture and condition.
Reduces scalp itchiness due to dandruffs.
Helps nourish damaged hair caused by straightening, perming and coloring.
Protects hair from heating and maintain its color.
Provides a gentle sweet scent for relaxation during hair wash.


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