Neobun Menthol Plaster

Neobun Menthol Plaster

Net weight: 10 plasters / pack

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SGD 1.50

Product Description

Neobun Menthol Plaster


A medicated plaster, backed by fabric, coated with medicated adhesive mass, Menthol, Methylsalicylate and Ethylene Glycol Monosalicylatein.

The adhesive gives cool feeling and arthritis pain.

Deliver the quick-permeating, long-lasting and anti-inflammatory for relief of muscle sprains and contusions, artritic pain, backaches, sore shoulders and muscles aches.



Clean and dry area of application. Peel off the protective flim and apply plaster to the affected area. It is advised to change the plaster every 12 to 24 hours.

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