Mistine Super MaxiBlack Eyeliner

Mistine Super MaxiBlack Eyeliner

Brush head size: 0.05MM - 2.80MM
Weight: 1G

Shipping weight: 25G

Quantity * :
SGD 10.00

Product Description

Mistine Super MaxiBlack Eyeliner


It is eyeliner that optimizes longer lasting.


With a thin polymer film Acrylamides Copolymer and eyeliner release mechanism, it helps to draw lines flow smooth, give eye border line beautiful continuously without interruption.

The Special Sharp Extreme technique works as a paintbrush pen, it allows you to draw freely and professionally.

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Customer Reviews

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Miss Melissa Chan
| 26 Sep 2015
Mistine Super MaxiBlack Eyeliner
Love it!
Black smooth flowing n stay put thr out the day without smudging .. i also bought super black fixed ,but i personally like this liner more
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